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NCCCO Commissioners Meeting

At the NCCCO Commissioners meeting, new commissioners from the area were voted in for 5 year terms. These commissioners are Charles "Cooter" Sager from Exxon Mobil and Carlo Spitaleri from LyondellBasell Refinery. The Rigging Taskforce updated progress and the next meeting will be held in Houston sometime in January. The next commissioners meeting is scheduled for Atlanta, Georgia, sometime in May 2010.. The Crane and Rigging Conference 2010 is scheduled for May 26-27th, 2010. We need to be sure that the commissioners meeting doesn't conflict with this event.

Houston Business Roundtable - Crane & Rigging Committee

HBR Crane and Rigging Subcomittee welcomed 32 attendees. Visitors welcomed were Mike Smith for the Crane Rental Corp., Steve Patterson of Turner Industries, Kaysie Braak of Gulf Coast Matts, and Jim Robertson of General Crane. Shared safety topics included BIC article on "the Difference between OSHA rule and ANSI standard". Mike Appling and Deanna Douzat with TnT Crane asked HBR group to endorse their effort to the City of Houston on the Mobil Crane road curfews. Next meeting will be January 12, 2010.