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RFID Grows Up and Gets Integrated

Bishop Lifting Products' RFID program with InfoChip is highlighted in the March 2011 edition of Industrial Lift & Hoist for "Equipment in Action."  The article below discusses how RFID tagging has evolved to become a safety standard for the lifting and rigging equipment industry.

RFID Grows UP and Gets IntegratedRFID

Test beds and sales order systems are the latest beneficiaries of RFID and mobile computing.

Radio frequency identification and mobile computing have quickly become a standard safety technology for the lifting equipment industry. After several years of adopting these technologies in incremental stages, companies like Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. in Houston, Texas, are sharing the benefits of integration with their customers.

With InfoChip's IC Desktop software integration into Bishop's new 3.3 million-pound test bed, the test bed now uniquely identifies a sling by its RFID tag and automatically uploads the Proof Test Certificate to InfoChip's web-based server. The test certificate and other information are then viewable by the end customer by logging onto the website, which eliminates the need to manage paper certificates.

"We have evolved past traditional methods of documenting the testing and inspection of lifting assets," say Eric Brookshier, IT Manager at Bishop. " We utilize InfoChip's suite of RFID and software applications to manage the asset from cradle to grave."

A number of InfoChip distributors have integrated their sales order systems into their RFID systems, while others including Bishop Lifting Products are in the process of doing so. Reduced data entry and more accurate sales order systems are only a few of the benefits.

"When a distributor builds a new sling, their sales order system already has the customer name and number, part numbers, and some of the sling information," says Chris Gelowitz, CEO of InfoChip. "Instead of retyping that same information into their RFID system, our IC Desktop software queries their sales order system directly and pulls that information out automatically."

The adoption of RFID in the lifting industry has been widespread. The Crosby Group and other major manufacturers are embedding small, high-frequency RFID chips in their products. Distributors like Bishop Lifting Products retrofit a variety of chip types to other products, depending on the asset design and likelihood of abuse.

"We definitely rely on RFID for its accuracy and durability," Brookshier says. "We are also excited about the ability to track the untrackable with InfoChip's new ultra-small DuraPlug that can be embedded on very small items." Gelowitz says the new patent-pending chip is revolutionary for its small size, extreme durability, and low-cost insertion.

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March 2011 edition of Industrial Lift & Hoist for "Equipment in Action."



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HBR Crane & Rigging News - March 8, 2011

Houston Business Roundtable48 members were present at the Houston Business Roundtable (HBR) Crane & Rigging subcommittee meeting today. Members discussed articles on safe lifting and rigging, industry news and events, and Jim Shelton, an OSHA Compliance Officer, gave an update on crane incidents.  Jack Pettyjohn, with The University of Texas at Arlington, was the guest speaker for today’s meeting and discussed “Setting Cranes near Excavations” and the safety measures that need to be taken into account. 

John Hellums, co-chairman of the Crane & Rigging subcommittee, distributed three crane & rigging standards articles.  These articles can be viewed below. 

Team and player registration for the HBR Golf Tournament on April 5th has begun! The tournament will take place at Timber Creek Country Club in Friendswood, Texas.  Tournament is limited to the first 50 teams so make sure your team has a spot! Sign up here.

The next HBR meeting will be April 12th, at 8:00am, at the Austin Industries Building 8031 Airport Blvd. Suite 118. The topic will be presented by Pete Donnelly, with Texas City Safety Council, on Concrete Pumper Truck Safety.

Association of Crane & Rigging ProfessionalsOther Industry News: The Association of Crane & Rigging Professionals (ACRP) General Assembly Meeting will take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from May 10th through May 13th. Members and non-members are invited to attend to stay informed on all the new crane and rigging operations taking place in our industry. John Hellums and other Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. employees will be in attendance and hope to see you there! 

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