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Crane Care – SC&RA Webinar - June 13, 2012

Crane Care – Guidelines for Good Clean Livin'

The June webinar brings together numerous industry experts from Manitowoc and MTU to discuss the importance of following manufacturers’ guidelines throughout the life of the crane to keep it in good working condition and to maximize its life. This online round-table will cover the following topics:

  • The importance of training and education for operators, riggers, and technicians on the rules of crane safety long before they start using a crane as well as the reasons a company should register the level of training received for each employee. 

     by Mike Brunet, Product Safety Director, Manitowoc Cranes

  • Why should a company follow the manufacturers’ recommendations for proper preventative maintenance?

    by Dan Snook Corporate Training, MTU/Mercedes and 
        Brian Hill, Crawler Crane Field Service Manager, Manitowoc  
        Crane Care

  • Learn the advantage of tracking the crane during its working life via telematics.

    by John Alexander, CraneSTAR and Technical Communications Director, Manitowoc Crane Care

  • How to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines if the crane detects an overload occurrence.

    by Scott Mohn, Mobile Crane Service Operations Director, Manitowoc Crane Care

  • The value of getting the manufacturers’ input and authorization of any structural repairs, throughout the entire life of the crane.

    by Gary Herrmann, Structural Engineer, Manitowoc Crane Care



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